www.prcno.org PRESERVATION IN PRINT OCTOBER 2008 21 Ph o to C o u r te sy O f G lo ba l G re en screws. A portable laser cutter con- trolled by a computer program will be brought to the site. Professor Sass will provide the design technology, mate- rial research and digital translation process. Working with Wayne Troyer, Professor Sass and the MIT Design Lab will develop a structure to with- stand hurricane force winds. Design revisions will begin in October, and construction is scheduled to begin in the spring. Boise Cascade will provide material donations. Although the destruction wreaked by Katrina will always be remembered with a sense of profound sorrow, the seeds of hope and the buds of ingenu- ity have already begun to sprout. On the local and national level, innova- tive minds, caring hearts, and enter- prising souls have come together to prove that the spirit of New Orleans refuses to be washed away. Planning is underway to build the first digitally manufactured house in America in Holy Cross. The prototype house, designed by Dr. Lawrence Sass, professor of digital design at the MIT School of Architecture, is currently on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Professor Sass and his students intend to build a permanent structure in Holy Cross utilizing designs by local architects Wayne Troyer, Irene Keil and David Gregor. Pictured in front of the prototype house are Pam Bryan, PRC’s Operation Comeback Director, and architect Wayne Troyer. Ph o to B y D a n S m i th w ic k (times new roman bold italic 12 pt.) sm 7pt (11pt times roman bold 11 pt.) 1425 Josephine Street. . .$525,000 An exceptional opportunity to own this 5BA/4 1/2 BA extensively renovated c.1860 double-gallery American townhouse close to Trinity School and the parades. 40’ x 168’ lot. Apply the fi nal paint and polish and enjoy! Carmen L. Duncan, CRS, ABR “Your Real Estate Resource” sm RE/MAX N.O. Properties Direct: 504-865-9397 • Cell: 504-452-6439 • RE/MAX: 504-866-7733 www.yourrealestateresource.net Trinity Episcopal School is an ISAS member. We seek to enroll qualified students without regard to gender, race, religion, creed, ethnic, or national origin. Open House Dates Friday, October 17 •Friday, November 21 Friday, December 5 •Friday, January 9, 2009 Call 504.525.8661 or visit our website at www.trinitynola.com for more information. Challenging the Intellect, Nourishing the Spirit, Celebrating Community 1315 Jackson Avenue • New Orleans, Louisiana 70130 Gentle, Generous, Truthful, Kind, and Brave