2009 September • Preservation in Print  23 www.prcno.org Operation Comeback’s mission to renovate blighted and flooded historic homes in the Holy Cross National Reg- ister District has built upon the efforts of the many homeowners who have returned to the neighborhood since Hurricane Katrina. Operation Come- back and other PRC programs will continue to be a part of the renaissance in this neighborhood, which is so full of cultural treasures. At the same time, Operation Comeback has expanded revitalization efforts into another cultur- ally rich historic district, Tremé. Past Fiscal Year Highlights BUILDING THE FIRST KATRINA COTTAGE in the city. Designed by Duany Plater-Zyberk & Co., the home is located along the river in Holy Cross at 500 Lizardi St. and is currently for sale for $95,000. For more information, visit www.lowes.com/katrinacottage DOUBLING the number of OC houses sold and quadrupling the number of OC houses under renovation. Operation Comeback acquired the house at 6215 Dauphine St. in Holy Cross be- fore Hurricane Katrina with the intent to renovate and sell it. When it collapsed during the storm, OC salvaged the building material and the architectural firm Wettermark + Kieffer designed a new home. Tri-Square Construction is finishing it now and it will soon be on the market. Growth and Success for PRC’s Operation Comeback Photos and text by Operation Comeback staff PARTNERING WITH NORA (New Orleans Redevelopment Authority) to acquire 20 properties in both Holy Cross and Tremé. These derelict properties will be renovated and sold to qualified homebuyers by Operation Comeback. PARTNERING WITH HISTORIC GREEN for the second “Spring Greening” event. Hundreds of engineers, architects, landscape architects, planners and other professionals inundated Holy Cross with ideas and energy. Historic Green is the brainchild of professionals associated with the U.S. Green Building Council who are concerned with existing buildings. PARTNERING WITH YOUTH WORKS. This group of young people, dedicated to education, employment, crime pre- vention and leadership development, uses OC Holy Cross renovations as its learning laboratory. HOSTING HUNDREDS of professional and lower-skilled volunteers who contributed a range of services, from wall framing to weed removal, at Holy Cross renovations. REESTABLISHING FIRST-TIME HOME- BUYER TRAINING to assist people in the process of buying and maintaining a home and also to help them qualify for the Finance Authority of New Orleans’ soft-second mortgage program. Plans for This Year COMPLETING the restoration of properties we currently own in Holy Cross and Tremé. This will mean at least 30 more families in these two historic recovering neighborhoods. ACQUIRING AND RENOVATING properties in proximity to those devel- oped by the PRC in order to create a critical mass and serve as an inspiration in these two historic districts. CONTINUING OUR PARTNERSHIPS with the Prince of Wales Foundation, the Louisiana Technical College and Delgado Community College in creating the building crafts training program. The six-month program offers talented, en- thusiastic and committed tradespeople the opportunity to enhance their voca- tional skills with the design knowledge, work experience and coaching necessary to succeed in a career in the traditional building sector. Crafts will include stone masonry, timber, stained glass, ornamen- tal iron and millwork, plasterwork, lime mortar and paint. For more information, visit www.prcno.org/programs/opera- tioncomeback/buildcraftsappr/ BUILDING THE NEW HOLY CROSS NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION CENTER that will be located at 5200 Dauphine St. This new construction will reuse materials from the decon- structed building that was on the site. OC is striving to achieve LEED platinum designation for the neighborhood center. The Building Crafts project will work on this new construction. Operation Comeback has much to be proud of and even more to look forward to this year, but it is the hard work and dedication shown daily by neighbors in Holy Cross and Tremé that deserves the real accolade. Courtesy of Wayne Troyer Architects 5200 Dauphine St. is a pivotal property at the corner of two blocks that have been almost totally rehabbed by PRC’s Operation Comeback and Rebuilding Together as well as the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Even before Katrina the large camelback house was in deplorable condition, but PRC was intent on resurrect- ing it. Working with Historic Green, OC decided to deconstruct it. Now OC is reusing the materials to build a LEED-certified platinum community center for Holy Cross. Wayne Troyer designed the new structure, which will be built by Tri-Square Construction with help from tradespeople participating in the Prince of Wales Foundation/Operation Comeback building crafts train- ing program.