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COMING SOON ON Canal Street St .L 8 ou i sS t. 7 N. Ra mp ar t St . Co nt iS t. St . Bi ne en hi St n bo t. eS t. sS rt re Ch a t. rS sS t. De ca tu Poyd ras S t. St . e St. al Badin Tch oup 3 Ca n Iberv ille S t. NP ete r . t. 1 Convention Center Blvd. . . S. Peter St. Unio n St St Mag azin e St . . Ca n al 2 t. Ro ya lS 4 vier St ras S St .C ha rl es A ve . Gra Poyd vi ll Cam p. S t St . et el nd Ca ro 6 5 eA er Bo e nn ro Ba Co mm on St. ll ve . Ib ur St . Ro os 11 vi . Da up ev el t S. Ra W ay mp ar t Bu St . rg un dy . . St St al . Ca n itlo uas St 10 9 Canal Street has a long history as a center of commerce, culture, Civil Rights and Carnival activities. As New Orleans’ main street, it was a bustling retail destination in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Suburban expansion in the mid-20th century then saw many large retailers move off Canal and into shopping malls. While most ground-floor retail spaces have remained active, many buildings’ upper floors, previously used as offices and showrooms for retail spaces, have sat dormant for decades. Recent efforts by developers are beginning to change that. — Davis Allen Turn the page to read about several projects that will light up Canal Street’s upper floors. GRAPHIC BY TIMOTHY GIVENS OCTOBER 2019 • PRESERVATION IN PRINT   17