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More than window dressing Functional shutters provide practical benefits, especially during hurricane season. Here’s how to make sure they’re ready for a storm. AS YOU PREPARE your house for hurricane season, don’t forget to check the condition of your functional wooden shutters. Now is the time to make repairs, if needed.   In proper working condition, functional shutters are as practical as they are charming. They help protect your home from the elements, dampen street noise, provide privacy and filter out sunlight, reducing heating and cooling costs. If your home is missing historically accurate shutters, you can find vin- tage options at architectural salvage stores, such as The Bank Architectural Antiques and Ricca’s Architectural Sales. Or you could have custom shutters made at a mill shop.   Matthew Thompson, owner of Silvarum LLC, a woodworking shop in the Bywater that specializes in repairing and recreating historically appropriate architectural elements and custom furniture designs, offered the following tips for assessing the condition of existing shutters and things to consider when ordering new shutters for a historic house.   But, first, if your home is located in a local historic district, make sure to ap- ply for a Certificate of Appropriateness from the New Orleans Historic District Landmarks Commission prior to doing any work on the exterior. To find out if your house is in a historic district and to view the HDLC guidelines, visit nola. gov/hdlc/design-guidelines. 26  PRESERVATION IN PRINT • louver louver bar hinge shutter dog MAY 2020