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Preservation in Print

Is Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop the oldest bar in the country? New Orleans Truths vs. Tales

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Preservation in Print

Louisiana history on the menu at The Governor Restaurant

A new restaurant and seafood bar has opened its doors in a centuries-old French Quarter building, putting a new twist on traditional New Orleans cuisine.

Preservation in Print

What led to the founding of New Orleans in 1718?

The year 2018 marks the 300th anniversary of the foundation of New Orleans. But like most complex, improvised projects, New Orleans actually came together over many years, and each stage involved various levels of indecision, contingency, discord and serendipity.

June 2018

Turning Back ‘The Highwaymen’: Saving the French Quarter from the Riverfront Expressway

Inconceivable as it may seem today, New Orleans’ political and business elite fought long and hard to build an expressway through the French Quarter some 20 years after World War II.

Preservation in Print

Historic St. Roch Chapel Gets a “Faithful” Restoration

The 1876 St. Roch Chapel, a pilgrimage site for those in ill health, is undergoing an ambitious renovation

Preservation in Print

New Roadways in the Roaring Twenties

In the 1920s, a new highway system connected New Orleans to other cities along the Gulf Coast.

Preservation in Print

Carrollton Charmer: Restored and Ready for the Next Generation

A 120-year-old shotgun house in Carrollton has been restored.

Preservation in Print

Two Wings of Stylish Modern Design

The design of this Mid Century Modern home is unique, with two wings connected by a hallway of glass walls.

Preservation in Print

Form, Function, Fabulous

This Mid Century Modern home in New Orleans intertwines form with function – and features an original mahogany staircase and bar.

Preservation in Print

Reviving a Mid Century Modern Marvel

After two restorations, this Mid Century Modern home – once in a state of disrepair and neglect – shines once again in Lake Vista.

Preservation in Print

Untouched by Time

Complete with original furniture, this Mid Century Modern home in Lake Vista is a time capsule to the 1950s.

Preservation in Print

Accommodating Redevelopment

Successful adaptive reuse on Canal Street ushers in the future of affordable travel.