Ask the Expert: One-on-One sessions with Erika Gates, historic building research consultant

Have home repair questions? Speak to a building professional for FREE.

Want to learn more about your historic home? Not sure who to call to fix an issue with your older home? Speak to a building professional for FREE with the Preservation Resource Center’s new Ask the expert: One-on-One sessions. The program provides an opportunity to discuss your home-repair and building-related questions with an expert during individual, 20-minute informational sessions, free of charge. NOTE: The topics discussed, and the resources distributed are for general information and education purposes only. The PRC encourages owners to have their home or building evaluated on-site by a professional before making repairs or renovations.

Ready to speak to a building professional? Come prepared! Please bring as much information as possible, including pictures of the issue and architectural or schematic drawings, if available.

Questions? Need to submit documents? Email Michelle Shoriak.

About the Expert

Erika Gates is the owner of Gates Preservation and specializes in property research, permitting and regulatory compliance within historic districts. She has a Bachelor of Architecture and a Masters of Preservation Studies from Tulane. Before starting her own consulting firm, she served as the Building Inspector for the Vieux Carre Commission.

She specializes in historic building material identification and maintenance, is well versed in the City of New Orleans permitting process and has overseen multiple renovation projects as well as being a licensed tour guide and a certified building inspector.