Preservation Easements

About the Program

A preservation easement is a voluntary legal agreement, typically in the form of a deed, that is used to preserve the integrity of a historic building, site, or landscape. This agreement, which grants the Preservation Resource Center the right to preclude changes that would compromise the historic integrity of the resource, is binding in perpetuity. The owner retains rights of ownership while transferring partial interest in the property to the Preservation Resource Center.

Donating an easement to the Preservation Resource Center is the best assurance that your historic resource will be preserved and maintained forever, even if the property changes hands.

While many areas in New Orleans are already under some type of design review, these boundaries can be altered, while an easement is legally binding. Additionally, the property owner may be eligible for a tax benefit upon donation.



Program Contact

Leah S. Tubbs, Easement Program Director



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