The Preservation Resource Center launched a fun — and free! — new series of online classes and chats about historic New Orleans architecture, and you can join in from the comfort of your couch. Those who register for upcoming programs can participate in the discussion. If the time is not convenient, just watch these programs at your leisure by clicking the links below. Interested in seeing a different topic covered? Shoot us an email at


Vision to Reality: Due Diligence
Date, 2022

Any commercial revitalization project begins with due diligence. Learn what goes into the process, from environmental review to historic tax credit eligibility to ensuring clear title and proper zoning.


Vision to Reality: Design
Date, 2022

Learn what it takes to design a commercial revitalization project that wins community support, gains regulatory approval, and showcases the best of a historic building.


Vision to Reality: Operations
April 19, 2022

Learn what it takes to finance, build, market and maintain a commercial revitalization project.


Building Antebellum New Orleans: Free People of Color and Their Influence
April 13, 2022

Tara A. Dudley discusses her new book, a deeply researched examination of the free 19th-century Black craftsmen and real estate developers who transformed the cultural and architectural legacy of New Orleans.


Protect Your Home: Top 10 Resilient Home Improvements
July 20, 2021

Claudette Hanks Reichel of LaHouse Home and Landscape Resource Center, a program of the LSU AgCenter, explains the top 10 wind and flood damage defenses to protect your historic asset and make your home, and life, more resilient.


Truth about plaster
June 29, 2021

Plaster can be an intimidating material to many homeowners, but it is versatile and provides a durable surface that can be applied over brick, stone, half-timber or frame construction. Michael Shoriak of Cypress Building Conservation demystifies how to maintain, repair and replace plaster and who to call when a professional is required.


Virtual Shotgun House Tour: Explore the home of Julie Neill
June 27, 2021

Explore lighting designer Julie Neill’s exquisite circa-1880 Italianate camelback shotgun home that she has lovingly renovated into a soothing oasis that in part serves as inspiration for her hand-crafted, luxe lighting designs.


Virtual Shotgun House Tour: Explore the home of KV Harper
June 26, 2021

Explore the beautiful home of KV Harper, principal and founder of the architecture planning and interiors firm KEX Design + Build. In renovating her Seventh Ward double shotgun, Harper added layers of rich colors that speak to the city’s tropical environment and its history.


Cost-effective energy improvements
June 22, 2021

Claudette Hanks Reichel of LaHouse Home and Landscape Resource Center, a program of the LSU AgCenter, shed light on home energy improvements in priority order of cost versus benefits for our climate, with insights for historic New Orleans homes, and appropriate sources of more information.


Virtual Shotgun House Tour: Explore the home of Emma Fick and Helvio Prevelato Gregorio
June 19, 2021

Explore the intriguing spaces that add inspiration to the life and work of artist Emma Fick and her partner Helvio Prevelato Gregorio. The couple purchased their 1920 sidehall shotgun home on the edge of the Uptown Historic District in 2018. The previous owners had done a complete renovation of the three-bedroom, two-bath property before Fick and Prevelato Gregorio’s purchase, so it was ready for their design touches. Both work from home — even pre-pandemic — and they’ve turned two of the rooms into a studio space (for her) and an office (for him).


Virtual Shotgun House Tour: Explore the home of Dee Speed
June 17, 2021

Explore this petite jewel box of a house owned by talented designer Dee Speed. Her 1,465-square-foot, two-bedroom Creole cottage in the Faubourg Marigny dates to at least 1887 and was once a store/bakery as well as a residence. After repairing structural issues and water and termite damage, she has decorated the home in rich colors, lush fabrics and treasured family antiques.


Get to know your wood windows
June 15, 2021

Valerie and Gus Vides of NOLA Wood Windows go through the general anatomy of a window, different stages of window conditions and how historic windows are built to be easily repaired. Homeowners can learn new tips to delay maintenance and review common dos and don’ts for wood windows. When it comes time to make repairs, Valerie and Gus Vides explain how to vet a professional to make sure they are the right fit.


Virtual Shotgun House Tour: Explore the home of Ryan Bordenave
June 10, 2021

Explore the beautifully restored, circa-1912 home of Ryan Bordenave, who bought the Mid-City house in 2005 and renovated it, doing much of the work himself and with the help of his brother-in-law and his father.


Importance of paints and coatings
June 9, 2021

Paints and coatings are often some of the more exciting elements that owners of historic buildings get to choose, but it’s not just about color. The type of coatings you choose can have serious impacts on your building. Michelle Duhon of Southkick Historic Preservation explores the basic chemistry and color significance of paints and coatings on historic buildings in New Orleans.


Designing for Shotguns with designers KV Harper, Nomita Joshi-Gupta and Jenny Zurik
June 8, 2021

In this roundtable discussion, panelists Nomita Joshi-Gupta, owner of Spruce Wallpaper, Fabric, Design; KV Harper, principal and founder of Kex Design + Build; and Jenny Zurik of MZ. Architecture & Design share insights and design tips for shotgun houses.


Virtual Shotgun House Tour: Explore the home of Bryan Block and Jeff Keller
June 6, 2021

Explore the fascinating history and beautiful design of the shotgun home owned by Bryan Block and Jeff Keller. The house dates to at least circa 1840, and the right side was originally a cabin that was one-room wide and two-rooms deep. Its original ceiling beams are still present. Inside, the home’s interior had been renovated, giving the couple the perfect backdrop for their eclectic décor.


Intro to Shotguns with Katrina Horning of New Orleans Architecture Tours
June 2, 2021

Katrina Horning, head guide and founder of New Orleans Architecture Tours, will virtually bring you through New Orleans neighborhoods, re-introducing you to the shotgun house with its unique history, styles and forms.


Essential termite information for New Orleans homeowners
June 1, 2021

Ed Freytag of the New Orleans Mosquito, Termite and Rodent Control Board will discuss termite identification and biology while stressing the importance of annual inspections and termite treatment. A homeowner will learn the difference between wood rot and termite damage and when to call a professional.


The New Orleans design: What does our city offer the worlds of architecture and design?
May 25, 2021

This virtual roundtable discusses the contributions New Orleans-based designers can make to the changing fields of architecture and design, addressing questions such as: Is there a New Orleans style? What does it mean to practice in New Orleans today? And what unique approaches do local firms offer the field?


Behind the parapet: Rain, shine and roof design through time with Andrew Liles
May 18, 2021

If sound roof design is derived from simply keeping the water moving and moving away from the building, why does the struggle persist? Rain has always been a constant in New Orleans, and can lead to leakage, vegetation growth and structural issues. But this isn’t a new problem; traces of the struggle can be seen as early as the 1800s in Malcolm Heard’s French Quarter Manual. From quintessential 19th-century colonial architecture to buildings as modern as the Superdome, designers have grappled with strategies of mitigation. Andrew Liles of AM Liles Architect, and a faculty member of the Tulane School of Architecture, parses the topic.


Contemporary on the Inside: Marrying Old and New
May 11, 2021

What does it take to read a historic building? Jennie Cannon West, of Studio West Design, specializes in the preservation of the architectural fabric of historic interiors. Bringing together historic architecture and contemporary design is a special kind of art – one best practiced in New Orleans.


History and Hospitality: Businesses Built on a Sense of Place
May 6, 2021

Lodging and restaurants have been part of New Orleans urban fabric for centuries. As leisure travel became accessible to a wider population in the 20th century, people flocked to New Orleans for its unique architecture and culture. And they keep coming, increasingly interested in not just viewing historic buildings but experiencing them. Architect John Campo has helped dozens of clients leverage hospitality demand to renovate historic buildings with historic rehabilitation tax credits. In this program, we examine how New Orleans pioneered adaptive reuse for hospitality and explore the unique challenge of merging new amenities into historic settings.


Equity and Historic Preservation: Telling America’s Full Story
May 4, 2021

PRC Executive Director Danielle Del Sol chats with Brent Leggs, Executive Director of the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund, about the issue of equity and historic preservation, both in New Orleans and nationally. The two discuss the Fund’s philosophy, its groundbreaking work so far — including efforts to save singer Nina Simone’s home in Tryon, N.C. — and preservation work in New Orleans, including the restoration of McDonogh 19 and the PRC’s Revival Grants program.


Creole Romanticism: Contemporary Architecture on the Common Edge
May 4, 2021

New Orleans is a cultural phenomenon, a blend of Afro-Creole, Caribbean, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Vietnamese and many other influences. Naturally, a distinctive architectural style emerged from this dynamic melting pot, but how does Creole Romanticism translate to contemporary design? Steven Bingler, founder and chief operating officer of Concordia, investigates the answer to this question.


H.H. Richardson’s Architectural Journey: Building New Orleans Then and Now
April 27, 2021

Although he was one of the most influential and well-known historical architects — perhaps even the first “starchitect” — few realize that H.H. Richardson was born and raised in Louisiana. From his family home on Julia Row to the École des Beaux Arts in Paris and beyond, Richardson changed the world of architecture and started a chain of mentorships for new generations of design stars, such as Louis Sullivan and later Frank Lloyd Wright.

Though H.H. Richardson’s portfolio spanned the country, his only design in Louisiana is the posthumously built Patrick F. Taylor Library at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans. Local preservationist and architect Alec Adamick, who previously worked for the firm H.H. Richardson founded in Boston, will present Richardson’s story and discuss Richardson’s continued influence in the city he once called home.



Energy Efficiency in Older New Orleans Homes, a free PRC program with Dr. Myron Katz, building sciences expert
February 25, 2021

Learn how to keep your older home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer without breaking the bank in this free program featuring Dr. Myron Katz, a building sciences expert specializing in primary energy conservation, renewable energy and energy storage technologies as solutions to environmental and economic problems.


Meet designer and antiques dealer Tara Shaw, author of the new book “Soul of the Home”
January 28, 2021

Designer and antiques dealer Tara Shaw is a respected supplier of European antiques for a host of AD100 and ELLE Decor A-listers, including Bobby McAlpine, Brooke and Steve Gianetti, Marie Flanigan and Peter Marino. In her first book, Soul of the Home, Shaw helps readers understand how to select the best antiques and how to use them in a variety of decor schemes. Join the PRC’s Susan Langenhennig as she chats with Shaw about her new book and her 20 years of experience as an antiques wholesaler and designer. In addition to her import business, Shaw has a custom furniture line, Maison, and a licensed product line with Restoration Hardware. She lives in New Orleans.


New Orleans Architecture Series Volume IX: Carrollton Book Lecture
December 17, 2020

Join architect, architectural historian and author Robert J. Cangelosi Jr. in a virtual discussion of the latest book in the Friends of the Cabildo’s New Orleans Architecture series, which chronicles Carrollton’s development.


Explore New Orleans’ two newest Louisiana Cultural Districts
December 3, 2020

PRC virtually explores New Orleans’ two newest Louisiana Cultural Districts: A.P. Tureaud-7th Ward and Touro-Bouligny. Learn how Louisiana Cultural Districts districts link arts, culture, and preservation to create economic opportunity. Find out what local organizations are doing to sustain artists and craftspeople in spite of the pandemic and discover ways to shop safely for local art this holiday season. With slides, stories, and a panel discussion, our guests discuss current programs and their plans for the future.


Optimism and Anxiety on Magazine Street: A panel discussion about the pandemic’s impact on this historic commercial corridor
November 19, 2020

The financial pain caused by the COVID 19 pandemic is spread across the city; no neighborhood has escaped it. But there are few places in New Orleans where the financial fallout is more visibly evident than along Magazine Street.

Longtime Magazine Street merchants say the business climate hasn’t been this challenging since the harrowing days after Hurricane Katrina, and the ongoing financial strain has stoked an acutely New Orleans fear: if locally owned shops and restaurants go out of business, will they be replaced by chain stores and national franchises once the economy recovers?

Though the hardships are real all along Magazine Street, there remains an amazing amount of optimism among local merchants. Many consider the pandemic a chance to refocus or try new approaches.


Working with an architect and floor plan basics
October 27, 2020

Understanding the difference between a scope of work and a floor plan is critical to executing an efficient and cost-effective renovation. Taught by architect Chris Johnson, this class will provide a practical understanding of how to read a floor plan, best practices in designing a space, and how to avoid common pitfalls. While it will primarily focus on working with an architect on a renovation project, the class provides useful information for new construction, as well.


Working with a general contractor and developing a scope of work
October 20, 2020

Building a successful working relationship with a contractor begins long before construction commences on a renovation project. This class, taught by developer Craig Brouillette, will cover construction timelines; estimating costs; developing a scope of work to minimize expenses and avoid costly change orders; the questions to ask before, during and in closing a project; and tips for effectively working with a contractor to select a property.


Homeowners and flood insurance basics
October 13, 2020

The cost of insurance is a major factor in the monthly expenses of owning a home. A clear understanding of how homeowners insurance works is key to determining the level of coverage you will need. Also, flood insurance in Orleans Parish can vary substantially from one property to the next. Taught by Alyssa Bourgeois of Eustis Insurance & Benefits, this class will explain the basics of homeowners insurance and how the flood zone maps affect rates.


Exploring Louisiana’s Threatened Coastal Forts
Re-recorded, originally aired September 29, 2020

Join historic preservationist Lindsey Walsworth and photojournalist G. Andrew Boyd to discover the surprising history of Louisiana’s Third System Forts. Walsworth profiled five of these mid-19th century fortifications in Preservation in Print. Boyd’s drone videos and photo essays featuring these forts have appeared on and in print. Why were these forts designed and located the way they are? Who lived and worked in them? And why were they abandoned? Hear the stories and learn about efforts to document and preserve these massive but crumbling masonry forts threatened by coastal land loss and sea-level rise.


How to create a pro forma and budget for your project
October 8, 2020

When buying or renovating a historic house, it’s important to ensure that the project will be financially feasible before you make a commitment. Tune into this free online class to learn how real estate professionals plan budgets and estimate expenses so you can maximize the return on investment on your next project.

Download class materials: Pro forma template  •  Personal Financial Statement Template  •  Slideshow


Historic Tax Credits and Tax Abatement
September 30, 2020

Learn how to utilize federal and state historic tax credits to receive back 40 percent of qualifying costs on historic renovation projects. This class, taught by Jason Riggs and Nathan Marx of Historic Pro Nola, LLC, will provide an overview of how the program works, what projects qualify, and how to successfully complete a project to earn back the maximum amount. Also learn how to utilize the Restoration Tax Abatement program to freeze property taxes at pre-renovation levels for up to five years when you rehabilitate a vacant property.


How to Evaluate a Historic Property for Pre-Purchase
September 24, 2020

Making an informed decision about purchasing a historic property requires a deep understanding of building materials and systems. This primer taught by real estate agent Josh Walther, co-founder of the Witry Collective, and Gabrielle LeBlanc, a licensed home inspector with Axelrad & Associates Home Inspections, explains how to view a property with the eyes of an investor. Topics covered include foundations, roofs, siding, windows and more.


Financing a Renovation
September 22, 2020

Renovations can be a great investment, but often require specialized financing tools. Learn about a wide variety of financing options, including single close loans for purchase and renovation, and how to utilize a home equity line of credit.

Download class materials: Slideshow  •  Steps to a perfect renovation loan  •  Limited 203(k) customer checklist  •  New home improvement trends  •  Compare renovation loans


Buying and Renovating 101: for Homeowners or Investors
September 1, 2020

Renovating a property can be a great investment if you’re prepared for the process. This class will focus on key topics, including how to determine if a renovation project is right for you; the different approaches to renovations; financing options; and a basic timeline of a renovation project. The workshop is taught by Charles Urstadt, a veteran real estate investor, and Randall Duplessis, designer and builder with Cohesive LLC.


2020 Virtual Shotgun House Tour
September July 5 – August 23, 2020

Although we have missed seeing everyone in person, we had so much fun joining you online this summer in the PRC’s first virtual Shotgun House Tour series presented by Entablature Design + Build & Entablature Realty! During the pandemic, the online programs have been a great way to transition the PRC’s annual Shotgun House Tour to a safe format, so everyone could enjoy these beautiful homes.

Spotlighting a different house each week in July and August – plus CR Coffee Shop, which was scheduled to be our tour headquarters in March – these virtual tours illustrated the many ways that owners have renovated their historic homes to meet the demands of modern life. We came away awed by their creativity and imagination.

This playlist includes the following videos:


2020 Spring Classes

This playlist includes the following videos:


Posada en la Antigua Cárcel: A Virtual Tour of the Inn at the Old Jail
July 23, 2020

Built in 1902 as a New Orleans police jail and patrol station, this Queen Anne beauty at 2552 St. Philip St. became a library, then a community center before it was damaged and abandoned in the flood following Hurricane Katrina. Innkeepers Liz and Raul Canache tell the serendipitous story of traveling in South and Central America for decades only to end up purchasing this labor of love at auction while visiting New Orleans for a family reunion in 2014. The couple have creatively restored the building, converting the crumbling Treme building into a welcoming nine-room boutique inn rich with architectural details and antiques.


Beams and Brews goes to Central City
June 25, 2020

Take a virtual tour of a beautifully restored 19th-century corner store and shotgun house complex. This project features a 2,600-square-foot commercial space plus five apartments and a freestanding single shotgun house, each available for rent. Kirk Williamson, developer with Chester Development, LLC; Jose Villeda, contractor with JLV Construction; and Jason Riggs, tax credit consultant with Historic Pro NOLA, will lead the tour and provide tips and best practices for completing a high-quality commercial renovation as an investment.




Preservation Fest 2020
May 28, 2020

Click on the following links to see each video from this all-day virtual festival filled with thought-provoking programs: Preservation issues — learning from the past, guiding the future  •  Get plastered with master plasterer Jeff Poree  •  Virtual walking tour of Gentilly Terrace  •  Virtual tour of Brennan’s Restaurant and Bananas Foster demonstration  •  Saving Straight University  •  Saving the former St. Francis de Sales Church  •  In praise of the Pythian  •  Exploring the renovation of McDonogh 30  •  Sprucing up with textiles  •  The Dreamsicle Flip and other forgotten treasures



See the full list of upcoming online programs