• PRC’s Operation Comeback renovates jazzman Henry “Red” Allen’s former home at 414 Newton Street in Algiers Riverview as part of the Live in a Landmark and Jazz Heritage programming; it is one of several homes restored by OC in Algiers Point and Algiers Riverview.
  • PRC works with the state legislature to establish a State Homeowner Rehabilitation credit, allowing homeowners in historic districts to receive a 25 percent credit from rehab expenditures (up to $25,000); it is passed into law in April.
  • August: Hurricane Katrina floods more than three-quarters of the city, including Holy Cross, a historic neighborhood in the Lower Ninth Ward. PRC immediately teams with the National Trust for Historic Preservation to advise returning homeowners on the restoration of their homes, and steps up purchases and renovations in Holy Cross, where PRC and partners are ultimately responsible for investment of more than $6 million. Rebuilding Together National makes New Orleans and the Gulf Coast a priority. Volunteers and funding come from all over the country for several years to assist both programs.
  • PRC’s education program is expanded to become an umbrella over all PRC workshops and to host weekly, topical workshops for homeowners recovering from Hurricane Katrina. It becomes the Education and Outreach department and initiates My City, My Home, an intensive classroom and field trip program in selected middle schools.
  • “New Yorkers for New Orleans” party is launched to fundraise for Katrina recovery efforts. The party was held annually, in varying forms, for nearly a decade, and also helped raise money for Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts.
  • PRC publishes Life in an Epic City by Preservation in Print editor Mary Fitzpatrick, the first in a book trilogy produced with funding from the Eugenie and Joseph Jones Family Foundation.