History is alive in New Orleans. From the porches and stoops to the parks and neutral grounds, our past — its achievements and tragedies — are etched into our architecture and our community. The Preservation Resource Center is committed to accurately and honestly celebrating the heritage of all who built, shaped and contributed to New Orleans’ development. By preserving our historic buildings and neighborhoods and telling the stories behind our historic sites, the PRC uses preservation as a tool to craft a vibrant future for our city. 

Our Mission 

The Preservation Resource Center preserves New Orleans’ historic architecture, neighborhoods and cultural identity through collaboration, empowerment and service to our community. 

Our Work 

The PRC is dedicated to the preservation of New Orleans’ unique and diverse neighborhoods, its authentic culture and its singular joie de vivre. We offer an array of programs, classes, tours and workshops focused on preserving, renovating, maintaining and celebrating our historic architecture. We help residents to protect and restore the places that matter most to them.  

Serving New Orleans since 1974 

We ADVOCATE for the community and neighborhoods at the local, state and federal levels. 

We EDUCATE residents through in-person and online programs on a wide range of historic preservation topics. Our classes teach the best ways to purchase, renovate and maintain historic buildings, including the latest information about tax incentive programs, climate adaptations and energy efficiency.  

We SAFEGUARD 140 historic structures with our Preservation Easements program. 

We PROVIDE free home repairs to qualified low- and moderate-income residents who have been cited for violations by the New Orleans Historic District Landmarks Commission. 

We GUIDE and encourage the acquisition and renovation of vacant and blighted buildings. 

We PROMOTE awareness through our award-winning publication Preservation in Print and through our Digital Preservation Newsroom, which reaches a wide audience online with informative video series, advocacy updates, fun architecture quizzes and more. 

Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

New Orleans’ rich diversity is the underpinning of our cultural heritage and historic legacy, and it is critical to the PRC’s mission to incorporate inclusive voices into our work. We strive to preserve our city’s heritage, inclusive of socio-economic, ethnic, cultural and generational diversity, recognizing that many people, of many backgrounds, gave their talents and skills to create our city. All New Orleans residents deserve to see their cultural and architectural legacies protected, enjoyed and preserved for the benefit of current and future generations.