PRC’s Board of Directors is a richly diverse group that draws from the banking, education, philanthropic, business, legal, civic, architectural, and real estate development sectors of the New Orleans community. Board members serve for three-year terms after being selected by the Nominating Committee and then elected by the membership. The Board considers the recommendations of its many committees at meetings held the third Wednesday of each month.

  • Aulston Taylor, President
  • Hartley Crunk, Vice President
  • Jessie Haynes, Secretary
  • Jonathan Howe, Treasurer
  • Charles Urstadt, Ex-Officio
At-Large Members
  • Clay Colton
  • Nomita Joshi-Gupta
  • Mike Katz
  • Chris Kornman
  • Sarah Martzolf
Board Members
  • Will Alexander
  • Beau Bethune
  • Gretchen Bradford
  • David Campbell
  • James Christovich
  • Paola Paoli Corrada
  • R. Chris Daemmrich
  • Penny D. Francis
  • Roger Freibert
  • David Gallo, Jr.
  • Nick Harris
  • Ashley Harrison
  • Erin Hymel
  • Ashley King
  • W. Robert Lay
  • Janice Manuel
  • Ernesto Posadas
  • Nyka Scott
  • Daniel Zangara