The Louisiana Historic Tax Credit plays an important role in preserving culturally significant buildings in New Orleans and statewide. Our state historic tax credit has supported the redevelopment of some of our most treasured structures, including the Pythian building, St. Roch Market, Bell School, John McDonogh High, the ACE and NOPSI hotels and more than 800 others.




The Pythian building is just one example of the many projects in New Orleans that utilized the Louisiana Historic Tax Credit to save and transform vacant historic buildings.

In addition, this program has resulted in meaningful economic development across Louisiana. A recent report from the Lt. Governor’s office stated that from 2009 to 2018, $3.7 billion was invested in Louisiana as a result of historic tax credits! Approximately $9 of economic activity results from every $1 credited.

The Louisiana Historic Tax Credit program is slated to expire in 2021, creating uncertainty that could be a deal-breaker for future redevelopment projects.

On Tuesday, April 23, the Louisiana House of Representatives will consider House Bill (HB) 83 sponsored by Rep. Jimmy Harris of New Orleans. The bill would extend the Louisiana Historic Tax Credit program until 2026. We need your help in making sure our lawmakers understand the importance of passing this legislation.

Our friends at Louisiana Citizens for Culture have made it as simple as possible to email your state legislator in support of HB 83:




If you wish to call your lawmaker, use the chart below to find contact information for members representing the Greater New Orleans area. Click here to see who represents you in the Louisiana House of Representatives.

Christopher J. Leopold      105 (504)393-5649
Paul Hollis      104 (985)871-4680
Raymond E. Garofalo, Jr.      103 (504)277-4729
Gary M. Carter, Jr.      102 (504)361-6600
John H. Bagneris      100 (504)243-7783
Jimmy Harris      99 (504)243-1960
Neil C. Abramson      98 (504)275-8051
Joseph Bouie, Jr.      97 (504)286-1033
Stephanie Hilferty      94 (504)885-4154
Royce Duplessis      93 (504)568-2740
Joseph A. Stagni      92 (504)465-3479
Walt Leger, III      91 (504)556-9970
Mary DuBuisson      90 (985)645-3592
Reid Falconer      89 (985)792-5185
Rodney Lyons      87 (504)510-5417
Joseph A. Marino, III      85 (504)361-6013
Patrick Connick      84 (504)371-0240
Robert E. Billiot      83 (504)436-8929
Cameron Henry      82 (504)838-5433
Polly Thomas      80 (504)837-6559
Julie Stokes      79 (504)468-8603
Kirk Talbot      78 (504)736-7299
Mark Wright      77 (985)893-6262
J. Kevin Pearson      76 (985)646-6487
Malinda B. White      75 (985)730-2147
Scott M. Simon      74 (985)893-6246
Jerry Gisclair      54 (985)798-7707