What to Expect After You Apply for FEMA Aid

The Federal Emergency Management Agency offers a detailed look at what you should expect to happen after you apply for FEMA aid.

The information can be found in a handy infographic and on the FEMA website.

Here is the full text of the infographic:

Within 10 days after registering: A FEMA Inspector will call you to schedule an appointment.

During the Inspector’s visit, inspectors will:

  • Wear official FEMA ID badges.
  • Confirm your disaster registration number.
  • Review structural and personal property damages.

Inspectors won’t:

  • Determine eligibility.
  • Cost any money.
  • Ask for credit card information.
  • Take the place of an insurance inspection.

Be ready to keep your scheduled appointment.

  • Appointments take 10-20 minutes, and you must be present.
  • Contact your insurance agent, if you have insurance.

Present these documents:

  • Photo ID: driver’s license or passport
  • Proof of occupancy: lease or utility bill
  • Proof of ownership: deed, title, mortgage payment book, or tax receipts

Within 10 days after the Inspector’s visit: You will be sent a decision letter.

  • If eligible for assistance, you will receive a check or an electronic funds transfer.
  • A follow-up letter will explain how the money can be used.

Loan Application Info:

  • You may receive a low-interest disaster loan application in the packet.
  • You do not have to accept a loan but to remain eligible for other types of federal assistance, complete the application and return it.

Click here to view the infographic