Here we are, yet again — just a few days until the holidays and the shopping still isn’t finished. Remember when last year was going to be the very last time that you waited until the last minute to hunt-and-gather all of your gifts? Well, there’s always next year. Some of us work better under pressure! Our final holiday gift guide, just in the nick of time before the holidays, is for the ‘foodie preservationist’ and will be sure to tantalize any preservationist’s taste buds.

Didn’t find any inspiration for your special someone with our ‘bookworm’ preservationist or ‘artsy’ preservationist gift guides? No worries, the ‘foodie’ preservationist group encompasses a large swath of us here in New Orleans, since our food is as rich and steeped in history as our architecture and neighborhoods. The culinary traditions of our ancestors were passed down from generation to generation, mixed together into this big gumbo pot of a city, and simmered down over time to form a new, unique identity. Foodie preservationists don’t just hop on the newest avocado-toast-with-kale-kimchi-on-a-cronut bandwagon. Their love for food and drink stem from their deep-rooted love for home and the role that cuisine has played in shaping our culture. If you’re looking for a gift for a sappy, sentimental eater, we have a few ideas for a great last-minute gift.

Kristin Malone, @homemalonenola on Instagram

We considered adding this artist’s work to our ‘artsy’ preservationist gift guide, but we fell in love with her hand-painted kitchen plaques that showcase New Orleans’ unique culinary heritage and thought they would be a great addition to this list. Her shop in Mid-City opened up last month, and features her own artwork alongside the work of 40 other makers and artisans from the deep south. Her hand-painted kitchen signs depicting the foods and drinks that are unique to New Orleans are truly delightful, and can be purchased individually or in sets of 4. We’re especially fond of these sno ball and frozen daiquiri signs, as well as this cheeky “makin’ groceries” sign.

Check out her selections on her online etsy store , or visit her store which opened last month in Mid-City, at 631 N Carrollton Ave, to browse her work and the work of other southern artists.

2) Gift cards to historic New Orleans restaurants

Antione's - Photo by Liz Jurey

Antoine’s – Photo by Liz Jurey

New Orleans is teeming with world-renowned restaurants both new and old. Innovative new restaurants may put modern twists on classics, but the tradition of enjoying a timeless classic keeps us going back to some of our oldest restaurants time and time again. In fact, a growing number of New Orleans eateries have been cranking out their dishes for over a century. A gift card to a one of the longest-running restaurants in town will be a special treat for the person on your holiday shopping list. Reputable creole eateries in the French Quarter include Antoine’s, Tujague’s, and Galatoire’s. The Garden District has Commander’s Palace, which is always a good choice (especially with those 25-cent martinis at lunch!) and Casamento’s in Uptown is a great option for seafood and poboys in a more laid-back setting. Don’t forget to also check out Angelo Brocato’s in Mid-City, which has been whipping up delicious Italian pastries and ice cream in New Orleans since 1905.

3) PRC logo Mignon Faget glasses


Well-crafted cocktails are just as significant to the history and culture of our city as our food. A night out on the town here wouldn’t be complete without a good drink (or four). These beautiful glasses by Mignon Faget, embellished with the PRC logo and sold in sets of four, would make an excellent gift for the foodie preservationist. The historic houses and cottages on the sides of the glass will remind them of New Orleans every time they sip on a sazerac or a vieux carré.

These glasses can be purchased in the lobby of the PRC headquarters at 923 Tchoupitoulas Street in the Warehouse District. Hurry and snag them by Thursday, Dec 22nd –  the PRC will be closed from Dec 23rd through the New Year!

4) PRC Membership


Of course, no preservation gift guide is complete without a PRC membership. The ‘foodie’ preservationist will be right at home at our Renovators’ Happy Hours, which are included with a membership and occur 7 times per year. They’ll also be sure to enjoy our Annual Meeting and Mint Julep Reception. Additional membership benefits include a one-year subscription to the Preservation in Print and New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles magazines, and discounts on merchandise, workshops, tours, and other PRC events.

Buy a membership here!

This stylish shotgun house canvas bag can also be purchased on the online PRC store, or in the lobby of our headquarters at 923 Tchoupitoulas Street.