What are you most looking forward to when the October Build repairs on your home are complete?
 “Seeing it all painted and pretty! I thank God for sending y’all to help me and I appreciate everything y’all are doing for me.” – Floyd Brown

Floyd Brown was born and raised in New Orleans and has been living in his Upper 9th Ward home for more than 19 years. A retired autopsy assistant, Mr. Brown is a deacon at Living Rock Mission Baptist Church, and loves to shoot pool and fish in his free time. Before his wife’s passing earlier this year, they’d been married for over 41 years, and friends even longer. Now that he’s living alone, he needs Rebuilding Together’s help making extensive accessibility repairs to be safe navigating his home with a prosthetic leg. Rebuilding Together is a program of the Preservation Resource Center that provides critical home repairs to homeowners in need.

The installation of a wheelchair ramp will greatly increase Mr. Brown’s safety and freedom to come and go from his home with his disability. Siding replacement on the exterior of his home will help create a weather tight seal that will lower his utility bills and increase his financial independence. Additionally, replacing the uneven concrete steps with wooden ones, and installing grab bars in the bathrooms as well as GFC outlets in the kitchen will increase general home safety as he ages.

One repairs are complete, Mr. Brown will have a greater sense of security in his home. The maintenance will allow him to eventually pass his on to his daughter Michelle, preserving generational structure and wealth in his historic neighborhood.


October Build is a program of Rebuilding Together New Orleans and the Preservation Resource Center that organizes volunteers to provide critical home repairs to New Orleans homeowners who do not have the physical or financial ability to do so on their own. These home repairs provided at no cost allow longtime New Orleans homeowners to sustain their independence and continue living safely and healthily in their homes. Since 1988, October Build has repaired nearly 1,600 houses for low-income elderly disabled and veteran homeowners. October Build 2018 is presented by Chevron.