The PRC offers bronze plaques to property owners who wish to celebrate their historic properties. Plaques will be available for buildings or sites that are 50 years or older. Sites younger than 50 years will be considered if there is extraordinary historic significance associated with the place.

The PRC will research the property’s history and write the text for the plaques. Included in the text may be noteworthy people, events, places or facts associated with the property, as well as a description of the architectural style. No living people will be mentioned in the text.

PRC staff will assist property owners in identifying the best location for plaque installation on the property. To protect historic building materials, a fence or a new pole specifically for the plaque are ideal placement locations.

Plaques will be produced by Franklin Bronze of Franklin, Penn., one of the most respected bronze foundries in the country. The plaque’s design has been approved by the New Orleans Historic District Landmarks Commission. Property owners will have final approval of text before printing.

  • Chain of Title Only, $700: The chain of title lists all owners and the date of construction, presented in a document timeline. (Note: the chain of title will include all names that are legally bound to the house but will not include renters or spouses who are not listed on the deed.)
  • Full Property Report, $2,500: A complete history of the property, including current photography of the building’s exterior, vintage imagery (when available), a narrative about its previous occupants, the neighborhood, the building’s architectural style, and a chain of title timeline. Presented in a commemorative hardcover property report.
  • Full Property Report & Historic Bronze Plaque Marker, $3,500: A complete history of the property, including current photography, vintage imagery (when available), a narrative about its previous occupants, the neighborhood’s development, the building’s architectural style, and a chain of title timeline, presented in a hardcover property report. Also includes a bronze historic marker. (Installation will be an additional cost.)
  • Bronze Historic Marker Only, $1,800: This option is only available to property owners who already have a complete property history report that can be verified by the PRC. This option includes only the bronze historic marker. (Installation will be an additional cost.)

To learn more or purchase a plaque, please fill our the form below or contact the PRC at 504.581.7032 or

Plaques and property reports take at least six months to produce. For holiday gifts, PRC will provide a certificate detailing the plaque program.

Plaque sales support the PRC’s work to preserve New Orleans’ historic architecture, neighborhoods and cultural identity through collaboration, empowerment and service to our community. PRC’s plaque initiatives date back decades; the organization’s Jazz Plaque program has installed more than 50 markers on sites of jazz significance throughout the city.

Other plaque programs locally include the Garden District Association Profiles in Preservation Program, specifically for residents of the Garden District, and the Louisiana Historical Marker Program, offered through the state Office of Tourism.

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