Purchasing a home can be an overwhelming process. The PRC is here to help. We offer classes to aid new and experienced home buyers in finding, purchasing, researching and renovating older houses.

Along with a robust video archive filled with tips for purchasing an older property, the PRC hosts a wide variety of classes on topics ranging from Historic District guidelines, to how to maintain an older house, and how to prepare for the New Orleans climate. These classes fall under the Buy Right, Renovate Right and Maintain Right series. 

  • Buy Right and Renovate Right: These series of presentations are either combined into a full day seminar known as Fixer Upper 101 or offered as independent presentations with updated information as warranted throughout the year. Once in the spring and once in the fall, Fixer Upper 101 is held on a Saturday, covering topics such as evaluating a property, determining feasibility, creating a scope for a renovation project, reviewing financing options, communicating and working with a general contractor and architect, and using best practices in historic renovations, building systems and hazard mitigation. Throughout the year, PRC also offers hour-long presentations held on weeknights in-person or online on topics such as changes in insurance, understanding heirs’ property, navigating the permitting process, and more. 
  • Maintain Right: These workshops, classes, and presentations cover restoration and maintenance basics. Topics include wood window restoration, understanding plaster, brick repointing, proper drainage, and understanding historic rehabilitation tax credits. These classes are held at a variety of times, days, and locations depending on the topic. The Maintain Right series also includes our Maintain Right videos; these short clips cover the important aspects of historic home maintenance in a clear and concise manner. 
  • If your home is located in a local historic district, you can contact the Historic District Landmarks Commission for a presale inspection. A presale inspection will inform you of any existing violations on the property or any that may occur after acquiring the property. 

Not sure if the house is in a local historic district? Use the PRC’s interactive map to find out! 

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