Danielle Del SolExecutive Director
504.636.3071, ddelsol@prcno.org


Communications and Preservation in Print

Susan Langenhennig, Director of Communications & Marketing; Editor, Preservation in Print
504.636.3043, susanl@prcno.org

Davis Allen, Communications Associate; Staff Writer/Social Media, Preservation in Print
504.636.3078, dallen@prcno.org

Jackie Derks, Advertising Manager, Preservation in Print
504.636.3053, jderks@prcno.org

Liz Jurey, Communications Specialist; Art Director, Preservation in Print
504.636.3052, ljurey@prcno.org



Katye Fayard, Director of Development
504.636.3056, kfayard@prcno.org

Whiton Paine, Membership Coordinator
504.636.3057, wpaine@prcno.org



Nathan Lott, Advocacy Coordinator & Public Policy Research Director
504.636.3049, nlott@prcno.org


Public Programming and Events

Sarina Mohan, Director
504.636.3399, smohan@prcno.org

Leah Solomon, Events Coordinator
504.636.3059, lsolomon@prcno.org


Kids Education

Sarina Mohan, Director
504.636.3399, smohan@prcno.org


Easement Program

Leah Tubbs, Preservation Easement Director
504.636.3054, ltubbs@prcno.org


Admin & Accounting

Leah Tubbs, Chief Administrative Officer
504.636.3054, ltubbs@prcno.org

Christopher Hall, Accountant
504.636.3046, chall@prcno.org

Jessica Hookfin, Administrative Assistant
504.636.3071, jhookfin@prcno.org

Linda Mayer, Staff Volunteer
504.636.3045, lmayer@prcno.org

Averil Oberhelman, Executive Assistant
504.636.3040, aoberhelman@prcno.org


Rebuilding Together New Orleans

William Stoudt, Director
504.636.3395, wstoudt@rtno.org

Anh Nga Geauthreaux, Financial Director
504.636.3064, ageauthreaux@rtno.org

Scott Maher, Construction Manager
504.636.3757, smaher@rtno.org

Kat Schweitzer, Volunteer and AmeriCorps Coordinator
504.636.3075, kschweitzer@rtno.org

Liam Sheridan, Homeowner Liaison
504.636.3061, lsheridan@rtno.org

Alex Thibadoux, Construction Manager

Mikayla Times, Homeowner Liaison
504.636.3076, mtimes@rtno.org

Theresa Visuri, Field Operations Coordinator
504.388.0132, rvisuri@rtno.org

Ryan Warfel, Site Operations Manager

Nikki Williams, Office Administrator
504.636.3062, nwilliams@rtno.org


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