Canal & Tchoupitoulas

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The Proposed High-Rise Hotel at Canal & Tchoupitoulas Streets:

The History of Canal Street, by John T. Magill

“[Various waves of construction] have prompted Canal Street to be designated an historical district, in order to save its heritage and present appearance. Without such designation, the next wave of big construction might well overshadow all of what we have come to know as Canal Street.”

—Preservation in Print, December 1985

Historic Canal Street

PRC’s Letter to Councilmember LaToya Cantrell

“It should be noted that the developer acquired the properties aware of the zoning in place at the time. Since that time the City has gone through extensive planning sessions to which all residents and concerned parties were invited. The purpose of this was to shape a vision for the future of the city, and to create a Master Plan to guide that vision. The citizens voted that this Master Plan have the force of Law. Over the last several years the City Planning Department has been working on a new Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance that supports the Master Plan’s vision. Several draft versions have been released and public meetings held. To the best of our knowledge and belief, neither the developers nor any representative attended any of these meetings or voiced any desire as to how this property should be zoned. Now they present a development plan that is completely contrary to all of the planning completed and ask for huge variances….”

“The PRC cannot accept that premise.”

—October 24, 2014

Photo by Anthony Posey