Join artist George Schmidt at the debut of his new series of etchings at his gallery during Art for Art’s Sake.

Hosted by celebrated New Orleans artist George Schmidt in honor of Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans (PRC)

A gallery exhibit as part of Art for Art’s Sake presenting a series of etchings depicting scenes from New Orleans’ historic neighborhoods.

Schmidt created the series using the classic etching technique, which has endured as one of the most important and ubiquitous techniques for printmaking throughout centuries of history. Using his original drawings as guides, he etched each image into a zinc metal plate using a strong acid, to create a design in counter-relief or “intaglio” in the metal. He then brushed ink across each metal plate to penetrate the etchings, wiped away the excess ink leaving only the etched portion inked, then created prints of each etching using rag paper and his mechanical printing press. The labor-intensive endeavor took Schmidt about one year to complete, he said.

The 21 limited-edition etchings vary greatly by neighborhood, creating a lively series that shows many facets of the city’s unique streetscapes. The Holy Cross neighborhood is represented by a single shotgun-style house, for example, while Broadmoor features a Spanish Revival-style stucco home. Algiers Point’s etching depicts a historic bank building with Classical styling, while Parkview shows the porch of a small home that is largely shaded by tropical foliage, except for a spiraling Solomonic column.

The limited-edition etchings will be sold as a complete series or as individual prints.

Saturday, Oct. 4  ·  6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

At George Schmidt Gallery  ·  626 Julia St. (in the Lafayette Square District)

FREE and open to the public


The series was inspired by, and produced in honor of, the 40th anniversary of PRC, a New Orleans nonprofit dedicated to the preservation, restoration and revitalization of New Orleans’ historic architecture and neighborhoods.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit PRC.

About George Schmidt
George Schmidt is a renowned New Orleans artist, musician, and celebrity who has been living and working in historic Julia Row for more than 35 years. His works are represented in numerous public and private collections in the United States, Europe and Asia. He has been extensively profiled in film, television, print interviews and documentaries that have been released throughout
the world. For more information about Schmidt and his projects, visit or email

About Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans (PRC)
Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans (PRC) celebrates 40 years of promoting the preservation, restoration and revitalization of New Orleans’ historic architecture and neighborhoods. Founded in 1974, PRC is a non-profit organization that has restored nearly 1,500 properties citywide and has assisted countless individuals with their own renovation efforts through its outreach and advocacy programs. PRC provides resources and education to convey the economic, cultural and aesthetic importance of historic preservation in New Orleans and throughout the world. For more information about PRC and its revitalization efforts, call 504.581.7032 or visit Connect with PRC on Facebook and Twitter (@PRCNO). You can also find PRC on Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest.