Plans to redevelop Charity Hospital have fallen victim to a changing of the guard in the Louisiana governor’s mansion, according to local media reports.

As Governor-Elect John Bel Edwards prepares to take office, the state expects to throw out all existing plans for the redevelopment Charity, which then-governor Bobby Jindal’s administration shuttered in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

According to the New Orleans Advocate, the state received five proposals outlining possible future uses of the 1 million square foot Tulane Avenue hospital.

With those plans expected to be scrapped and the state returning to the drawing board, the prospects of seeing the Art Deco building return to commerce anytime soon are growing dim.

“Once he takes office, the governor-elect will gather the necessary information from appropriate state and local officials to help him in deciding how to proceed forward,” Edwards spokeswoman Julia Baxter Payer said in the Advocate article.

It appears that the future of the Charity Hospital site will remain uncertain for the foreseeable future.