Commemorating Katrina

   In the month following Hurricane Katrina, PRC was furiously busy:  distributing buckets of cleaning supplies, generators and roof tarps to homeowners; learning and teaching about mold remediation; organizing workshops to help homeowners restore their flooded houses; and hosting volunteers from all over the country to canvas the neighborhoods giving advice to homeowners.

   In addition, with communication infrastructure critically damaged, friends of the PRC stepped forward.  The Historic Charleston Foundation accepted donations on our behalf.  Ginger Lubkowitz opened a temporary website for PRC from her home in Vermont.  The National Trust for Historic Preservation President Richard Moe made New Orleans’ recovery a priority.  With these major commitments from the Trust and Rebuilding Together National and generous worldwide support, PRC got off to a running start.

   It was the spirit of those who had lost so much that inspired us at PRC.  Even in those early days, the energy for recovery was there.  Remarkable people from around the world cared about this city and rallied to help our citizens that were determined to restore their homes and their neighborhoods.

   Now, on the fifth anniversary of Katrina, the PRC looks back with gratitude and awe at how much has been done to revitalize our historic city since those difficult days in 2005. Every gift to PRC encouraged us to continue our work promoting homeownership, rebuilding our city’s population, promoting long-term sustainable green building practices, and preserving New Orleans’ identity, its architecture and its neighborhoods. Since August of 2005, the PRC has restored approximately 300 houses, an investment value of over $10 million. We look forward to the continued renaissance of this great city and thank each of you for your gifts and support.


Please join us for our commemorative Katrina events and continue supporting our work. 

Patty Gay

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