Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry has put together a booklet to help residents who are rebuilding from the recent floods avoid falling victim to a scam.

Consumer Tips for Natural Distaster VictimsThe booklet includes guidelines for selecting a home repair contractor as well as a sample contract designed to protect homeowners from fraudulent contractors.

According to the booklet, “If you follow these guidelines and insist upon a written contract, some of the most common problems with home repair contractors might be avoided.”

The booklet concludes with a helpful glossary spelling out several fraudulent practices flood victims and all residents of Louisiana should be on the lookout for, including price gouging, fake officials, fake charities, and sham rental property.

Anyone looking for more information or wanting to report suspected fraudulent activity is urged to contact the Consumer Protection Hotline at (800) 351-4889 or visit www.AGJeffLandry.com.

Click here to download Consumer Tips for Natural Disaster Victims