Follow Operation Comeback’s Progress on the New “Preserving Green” Blog!

“Preserving Green” describes a new initiative in the Operation Comeback department of the Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans to marry historic preservation and environmentally responsible building design.

The primary goal of the Operation Comeback department is to repair historic properties or infill vacant lots that most would consider hopeless. By doing so, Operation Comeback returns these properties to life, thus helping to catalyze the rebirth of New Orleans’ historic neighborhoods. “Preserving Green” will build upon the Preservation Resource Center’s long-term commitment to sustaining the treasured historic neighborhoods across New Orleans, by transforming architecturally significant homes and businesses into high-performance historic properties throughout New Orleans.

All of Operation Comeback’s properties are carefully restored using historically sensitive materials, environmentally friendly resources, and designs that retain the character of the home and neighborhood. The new “Preserving Green” blog will be a reflection of this philosophy. The blog will showcase the three major projects of “Preserving Green”:

5200 Dauphine St., a community center for the Holy Cross Neighborhood Association;

1338 Arts St. (“The N.O. Energy House”), a demonstration remodel project designed to generate as much energy as it consumes; and

1423 N. Claiborne Ave., a dilapidated Italianate mansion, once part of the original Straight University, that Operation Comeback is restoring as part of the Prince of Wales’s Rebuilding Communities Program.

The blog will feature up-to-date information about each of these properties as well as houses for sale by Operation Comeback, features on other properties Operation Comeback is renovating, and advice for property owners on how to successfully rehabilitate a historic property for a more sustainable future.

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