Free Concert on the Levee!

Join the second line starting at the PRC Community Center, 5200 Dauphine Street, as we make our way to the stage at 4804 Dauphine Street with the Original Hurricane Brass Band.

Bring a picnic or purchase from the local truck vendors!

Concert Line-Up:

3:30 p.m. Second Line

4 p.m. The Original Hurricane Brass Band

4:30 p.m. Choral selections from Church of Peter Claver, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Charter School, McDonough 35 College Preparatory High School, St. Anna’s Episcopal Church and All Souls Episcopal Church

5:30 p.m. New Orleans Opera sings highlights from Porgy and Bess featuring Dara Rahming (soprano), Terrance Brown (baritone), Valerie Jones Francis (soprano), and Eldric Bashful (tenor).

Sponsored by: New Orleans Opera Association, Preservation Resource Center, Williams Architects, New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic, and Classic 9*

*Classic 9 was founded in July 2010 with the mission of bringing the classical arts to the residents of New Orleans’ Ninth Ward community. Producing dance, music, theater, visual arts and multi-media events, Classic 9 will both educate and entertain its audiences with the beauty of the classical arts.

MEDIA CONTACT: Lynn Long / L2Media & Marketing (504.669.0576 / [email protected])

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