Neighborhood Stabilization Program Phase 2

Rebuilding Together New Orleans (RTNO) is part of the New Orleans Neighborhood Stabilization Phase 2 (NSP2) Consortium (NOC Consortium). The New Orleans Consortium is a partnership between 11 experienced non-profits, the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority (NORA) and a green building consultant, Green Coast Enterprises. The NOC Consortium was awarded $29.7M to conduct comprehensive redevelopment through the rehabilitation and new construction of new homes throughout a variety of neighborhoods across the city. RTNO received $ 600,000 of the total to perform 30 Full Deconstruction and 120 Selective Salvage projects within Orleans Parish. All materials salvaged from these projects will either be reused in RTNO’s rebuilding projects, or sold at the Preservation Salvage Store located at 2801 Marais St. All revenue generated from these material sales will directly fund RTNO’s warehouse operations.

Currently RTNO relies heavily on outside funding sources such as private and federal grants in order to maintain its operations. In response to this continuous need RTNO developed a Deconstruction & Salvage Program, which will function as an earned income strategy for the organization. Deconstruction is the methodical and organized disassembly of buildings that allows for maximum salvage of reusable construction materials. The program seeks to generate revenue through fees of service for federal and private demolition and deconstruction contracts as well as by selling reclaimed materials from its Preservation Salvage Store to the New Orleans rebuilding community at a reduced rate. All generated earnings are therefore reinvested directly into RTNO allowing the organization to grow into a financially sustainable non-profit. Additionally, RTNO’s rebuilding program offsets construction costs by using reclaimed lumber in renovations from materials salvaged through the deconstruction program.

NSP2 Deconstruction and Selective Salvage projects will begin in October 2010 with first items available for sale at the Preservation Salvage Store in November 2010.

Please check back as our program is progressing rapidly and the information on our website is constantly updated. If you are interested in contracts related to NSP2 activities our organization is undertaking, you will find application directions on RTNO’s website during the month of October.

In the meantime, should you have further questions, please contact RTNO’s Deconstruction & Salvage Program Manager Sean Vissar at 504.388.0171 or [email protected]