“You know, New Orleans has lots of beautiful stained glass. Someone
should organize tours to help people appreciate these treasures.” From
that casual suggestion arose a small but devoted PRC Stained Glass
Art in Sacred Places Committee, now almost 20 years old. To its total
surprise, the group recently received the President’s Award from the
Stained Glass Association of America. Andrew C. Young, of Jackson,
Miss., president of the SGAA, presented the special citation at the association’s annual meeting.

The President’s Award is given to the Stained Glass in Sacred Places
Committee in recognition for their past and ongoing efforts to educate, highlight, and promote the best use of stained glass in churches
throughout the New Orleans and surrounding area. In his talk at a 2007
seminar organized by the New Orleans committee in memory of long-time leader Susan E. Levy, Young stressed the importance of finding
alternative uses for churches abandoned because of declining congrega-
tions. These structures must be kept in use, he cautioned, so that we
may preserve their historic architecture and art – especially the stained

On September 28, the Stained Glass Art in Sacred Places group will
offer a tour of four Uptown churches, featuring two that will probably
close at the end of the year.