Upcoming Demolition Requests Threaten Historic Properties

The following properties will be considered for demolition by the Neighborhood Conservation District Advisory Committee at the August 6, 2018 meeting.  The full agenda can be viewed here. Additional information about each permit request can be viewed by following the links or searching by address on the City’s One Stop Shop.

Do you live in any of these neighborhoods or have any concerns or comments about the demolition of any of these properties? Contact the PRC’s Advocacy Coordinator Erin Holmes at eholmes@prcno.org.

Neighborhoods containing demolition requests:
  • Gert Town
  • Tulane Canal
  • Hollygrove
  • Lower Ninth Ward


Old Business Applications

3205-07 Fern Street – 18-16442-DEMO

Neighborhood: Gert Town

Application attachments: Assessor’s info, map & photos

Committee recommended on June 4, 2018 NCDAC meeting that this property be deferred until 8/6/2018 NCDAC meeting to allow the new property owner time to renovate the structure, then come back and show progress of the renovations, and if the job is completed the property will be remove off the agenda.


New Business Applications

3800 Howard Avenue – 18-22360-DEMO

Neighborhood: Tulane Canal – tulane.canal@gmail.com

Application attachments: Assessor’s info, demolition plans, estimate, pictures


5849-51 Marais St. – 18-23683-DEMO

Neighborhood: Lower Ninth Ward – lowerninestakeholders@gmail.com

Application attachments: Assessor’s info, estimate, pictures


8311 Forshey St. – 18-23144-DEMO

Neighborhood: Hollygrove – ruthemma24@yahoo.com

Application attachments: Side plan demolition, demolition plan, survey

image via Google Maps

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