District 87 State Rep. Rodney Lyons has introduced two problematic and overreaching bills to the Louisiana Legislature that would seriously compromise the ability of New Orleans officials to enforce local laws and regulations, including short-term rental restrictions.

HB 625, which will go before the Civil Law and Procedure Committee on April 15, would allow property owners to sue municipalities for financial losses incurred by laws, regulations or ordinances that effect their private property and are deemed burdensome. The proposed law would result in limiting the city’s ability to administer its short-term rental rules, as well as other consequences, such as hindering its ability to enforce health and safety standards for rental properties established through the Healthy Homes Program.

HB 591, which will go before the Commerce Committee as soon as April 8, prohibits local governments from regulating online marketplaces. This would bar New Orleans from tracking illegal short-term rentals on websites.

Read the two bills here:

HB625: ViewDocument.aspx (la.gov)

HB591: ViewDocument.aspx (la.gov)

Contact Lyons’ office to express your opinion about these bills by calling 504-510-5417 or emailing  lyonsr@legis.la.gov.

MaryNell Nolan-Wheatley is PRC’s Advocacy Coordinator & Public Policy Research Director.