House Bill 591, one of the two problematic bills introduced to the Louisiana Legislature by State Rep. Rodney Lyons (District 87), will go before the Commerce Committee on Monday, April 8, and could seriously compromise the ability of New Orleans officials to enforce local short-term rental restrictions. HB 591 prohibits local governments from regulating online marketplaces, such as AirBnB.

The PRC is opposed to HB591 as it could threaten the historic character of our city by allowing unregulated growth of short-term rentals, which displaces vulnerable populations, decreases available housing, and caters to visitors rather than residents. While short-term rentals can offer some benefits to the city, attracting tourists and allowing visitors to experience our historic architecture, it is critical that local officials are able to pass regulations to balance these benefits with the risks. To this end, the New Orleans City Council approved stricter limitations on short-term rentals in 2023. By prohibiting local governments from regulating online marketplaces, as HB591 would do, the city will not be able to track illegal short-term rentals and enforce the regulations that neighborhood leaders, preservationists, and housing advocates have fought for.

Express your opinion about unregulated short-term rentals by clicking on the Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center’s alert below.

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