Best wishes, Jackie!

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A well-earned retirement

After 30 years at the helm, Preservation in Print’s incredible sales manager Jackie Derks is retiring. Her tenure with the PRC, though, stretches back further than her time overseeing the magazine’s advertising. Prior to joining the staff, Jackie served on the PRC Board of Directors and was the board president from 1989 to 1990. She then joined the staff in March 1992.

Over the years, Jackie has been an integral part of the PRC family, serving as one of our biggest brand ambassadors, sharing the important work of the organization and illustrating how every investment in the magazine serves two purposes: helping advertisers meet their goals while also supporting the PRC’s mission.

“Jackie’s tenure at the PRC is, like Jackie herself, the stuff of legend,” said PRC Executive Director Danielle Del Sol. “She has been an almost impossibly successful ad saleswoman for Preservation in Print magazine — continually finding new clients and keeping others as supporters for years. The amount of revenue she has brought to the Preservation Resource Center over the years has been critical to keeping the organization, and the magazine, running smoothly. In the last decade, her sales prowess has continued to soar. Our magazine has stayed popular in print but also added digital access and advertisement, in large part thanks to Jackie. All of us at the PRC will forever be grateful to her for that.”

Jackie’s talent for sales is only matched by her delightful joie de vivre. She has been a wonderful teammate and a positive light in the office.

We will miss you, Jackie!