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Education during the Reconstruction: The Genesis of Straight University

Straight University was born from the American Missionary Association as part of a larger national movement for civil rights during the reconstruction era.

Operation Comeback

PRC Revitalizes the Last Standing Building of New Orleans’ Original African-American University

The Straight University Boarding House and Dining Hall building at 1423 N. Claiborne Ave. has been returned to its former grandeur thanks to PRC’s Operation Comeback department.

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Straight University’s Ties to Plessy v. Ferguson

Two graduates of Straight University’s law school worked to fight against Jim Crow-era segregation, organizing the protest which led to the landmark Plessy v. Ferguson case.

Straight Up History

Straight University’s Influence: from New Orleans to Detroit

Although short-lived, the influence of Straight University’s medical department reached as far as Detroit.

Straight Up History

Roy Joseph Weems: Straight College Athlete & Alumnus

Photos and letters from Roy Joseph Weems, one of Straight’s star football players, give a glimpse into student life at the school in the 1920s and 1930s.

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A Timeline of Straight University

This brief overview highlights the history of Straight University from its founding during the Reconstruction era to its merger in 1930 with Dillard University.

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Activists at Straight University

As activists and intellectuals lectured at Straight University, the institution became a center for the Civil Rights struggle during Reconstruction.