Education and Outreach program director Suzanne Blaum took to the airwaves to discuss the upcoming Great Neighborhood SELLabration.

GNS_logo_webdimIn an interview that aired on August 28 on WGNO, Blaum spoke to Anne Cutler about the amazing collection of resources for prospective homebuyers and current homeowners that will be on display on September 10 as the free annual event kicks off.

“There are so many hard-earned lessons that we try to get out to the public before they have to learn the hard way,” Blaum said.

In addition to the great lineup of neighborhood associations, lenders, realtors, contractors, title agents, insurance agents, and other professionals, this year’s SELLabration will also feature resources for those hardest hit by the recent flooding across Louisiana.

You can view the interview on the WGNO website, or you can watch the video below.