Sheriff’s sales offer opportunities for historic fixer-uppers

For historic house lovers, New Orleans can be a treasure trove of renovation opportunities. Real estate prices in the Crescent City are on the rise, but historic properties in the city can still be found on a budget for buyers who aren’t afraid of a fixer-upper and know where to look. Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Sales can be a great resource for preservation-minded buyers to find a home in need of some TLC.

In New Orleans, we often see demolitions of historic homes that are deemed “too far gone” to renovate, but it’s easy to find success stories of historic buildings across the city that were revived from the brink of falling down. Some of the Sheriff’s sales auction properties are in better shape than others, but many of them are standing on their last leg, waiting for a renovator to breathe new life into the building.

Each Thursday at noon, foreclosed properties and properties with other legal issues go up for auction just steps away from City Hall. If you enjoy the excitement of an in-person auction, try checking out the Sheriff’s sales for historic rehabilitation opportunities.

Take a look at a few of these historic fixer-uppers that are scheduled for auction during the month of August:

2630-2632 N. Derbigny Street
Auction scheduled August 3
2860-2862 Fortin Street
Auction scheduled August 17
1913-1915 Marais Street
Auction scheduled August 17
3115 Gravier Street
Auction scheduled August 24
2020 Philip Street
Auction scheduled August 31
3336 Short Street
Auction scheduled August 31

Check the Sheriff’s website for more information about auctions, and lists of properties on upcoming auctions. If the owners resolve the legal issues or pay the fees, properties on the list can be stopped right before the auction takes place – so keep your eyes on the constantly-changing list. If a listed property has “STOPPED” under the order number, it has been taken off of the upcoming auction.