Dear PRC supporters,

As the U.S. Congress considers comprehensive tax reform, the federal Historic Tax Credit (HTC) is in danger of being eliminated.

Please use the link below to send an email to your Representatives and Senators, urging them to save the historic tax credit. Your message will have the most impact if it is personalized. You have the option to customize the message we have crafted for you.

It is critically important that members of the Louisiana congressional delegation understand the very positive impact the federal HTC has made in communities across our state, and that its elimination would be a tremendous loss for economic development and cultural preservation efforts throughout Louisiana.


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The HTC is the most significant investment the federal government makes to preserve our nation’s underutilized, historic properties and is a vital economic development tool for the revitalization of blighted areas across the nation. Since 1981, the credit has leveraged more than $131 billion in private investment, created more than 2.4 million jobs, and rehabilitated more than 42,000 historic buildings for new and productive uses.

Research by the National Trust for Historic Preservation has shown that the credit generates over $1.20-$1.25 in new tax revenue for every $1.00 of tax credit utilized, meaning not only does it pay for itself, it also creates revenue for the federal government.

Louisiana is national leader in historic preservation. In 2016, Louisiana was number one in the nation in the number of HTC projects underway. Since 2002, HTC projects have totaled over $2.3 billion in development costs and created over 39,000 jobs. If you live outside of Louisiana, these credits also have a huge impact on your state as well. We have already seen tremendous success, but we must retain the HTC to continue revitalizing our towns and urban centers.

Tax Credit projects across Louisiana have saved historic buildings, provided jobs, and revitalized local communities.

Help us remind our representatives in Washington, D.C. why the Historic Tax Credit is so important.

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